Mopar Engines

Mopar cars are notorious for their high horsepower engines. Mopar engines were, and still are very desirable for speed and performance. One of the most desirable mopar engines is the 426 Hemi Engine. This hemi engine produced 425 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 490 foot-pounds of torque at 4000 rpm. Other popular Mopar engines include: the powerful 440 cid, the 383 cid, the small block 340 cid, and the durable 318 cid engines.

426 Mopar Engine

Mopars were in their prime in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1972, though, stricter emission laws were put into effect and Mopar engines had to be detuned and thus greatly reduced the amount of horsepower the engines put out. In 1974, though these stricter emissions led to the downfall of most muscle cars.

Recently though there has been trend to the rebirthing of the muscle car craze and we are once again seeing new high horsepower engines being built. Take for example the Charger, or the new Dodge Challenger that is coming out. They have a 6.1L hemi that is being dropped into them and are producing, like the 426 hemi engine, 425 horsepower.

Well now that we have had a little overview/history of the Mopar engines let’s take a close look at each engine individually.

Here are some of the engines that we are planning on writing articles about. If you have any interesting stories / tips / rebuilding tips, please email them to us using this by contacting us here.

Small Block Mopar Engines

Big Block Mopar Engines

  • 350
  • 361
  • 383
  • 400
  • 413
  • 440
  • 440 6-Pack
  • 426 Hemi

Current / Recent Mopar Engines

  • 5.7 Hemi
  • 6.1 Hemi

Other Mopar Engines

  • 331 Hemi
  • 354 Hemi
  • 392 Hemi

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  1. John Bojorquez says:

    What is the BOM number for a 1971 Roadrunner 440 6pack Bellhousing?

  2. Sam Lembo says:

    I’m restoring a 66 Charger and I wanted to check the engine serial number. I checked your decoder and found that 2468130 is a 383. My question has to do with the suffix on the number -7, does anyone know whet this designation means? Tx in advance for your help, Sam

  3. Ffxiv best chocobo build says:

    Hello to all, the contents present at this web page are in fact remarkable for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows.

  4. John L. Holmes says:

    I have a 360 I took as non payment. The heads were cracked (gone) and the crank was scored by a screw diver bit that made it’s way there. It came out of a van year unknown. DS # is 53020006 – 360. That number is nowhere to be found so What do I have?

  5. Mark says:

    What year is number on block 53020006-360 I know its a 360 but unsure the year of the block . Thanks

  6. Glen Arvin Harrington says:

    Would be nice if some times sites like this one talk about MOPARS slat six I know that it wasn’t a big power motor but now that gas is on the rise again it sure is niv=ce to have a car that gets 22mrg in town and 30to 35 on the highway .It would be nice to see thiings abouy my 76 FEATHER DUSTER WITH A 225 SUPER SIX OUT OF A 78 VOLARE

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