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Here are a collection of Mopar Books that you may enjoy.  Let us know in the comments what other books you recommend.

The history of Chrysler Corporation is, in many ways, a history of a company floundering from one financial crisis to the next. While that has given shareholders fits for nearly a century, it has also motivated the Pentastar company to create some of the most outrageous, and collectible, cars ever built in the United States.Chevrolet Camaro. Pontiac GTO. Dodge Charger. Ford Mustang. These names evoke memories of aggressively styled, amply powered kings of the road from the decade of the 1960s and the early 1970s, when Detroit was king, oil was cheap, and cars rumbled when you told them to. Muscle Cars: Kings of the Street from the Golden Era tells the story of these automobiles and dozens more, with insightful descriptions from the auto editors of Consumer Guide and full-color photographs on every page. More than 90 cars are profiled, including their mechanical and design highlights and their place in the muscle car pecking order.The new Dodge Charger, Challenger, and other LX-platform cars bring modern V-8 performance to unparalleled heights, and the new Challenger and Charger Hellcats are the most powerful American production cars today. The outrageous performance and audacious styling has earned a large and dedicated following. However, you can tune and modify the Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Charger, and Challenger for more performance, and for many owners, fast is not fast enough. In the pursuit of a higher-performing LX-platform car, former Mopar Muscle editor Randy Bolig has created this book to show you how to extract ultimate performance from these cars.


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  1. Ernest Quillen says:

    I am looking for a service manual for a 1971 cuda (barracuda) reproduction would fine. can help with this ; Thanks Ernie Q.

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