Mopar Engine Casting Numbers

Here is a list of Mopar Engine Casting Numbers. They cover a wide range of engines including the popular 318, 340, 383, 400, 413, 426, and 440 engines. You can find your casting number on the left hand side of your engine. Don’t get this confused with the partial VIN number that is also stamped in your engine which is on the right hand side of your engine. Hopefully you will find this list helpful.

1737629 361 1961 – 1964
1851629 413 RB 1961
1852029 413 RB 1962
1852029 413 RB 1962-63
1852029 426 RB 1962-65
2120229 361 B
2120329 383 RB 1959-60
2120429 361 B
2120529 413 RB 1959-65
2128854 361 or 383 B 1964
2202843 170 G
2202857 225 RG
2205528 225 RG
2205630 170 G
2205697 413 or 426 RB 1959-65
2205712 361 B 1958-66
2264230 318 A 1960-67
2264478 170 G
2406730 426 RB 1963-65
2440873 426 RB
2463230 170 G 1965
2463252 273 LA
2463430 225 RG 1966
2465330 273 LA 1964-66
2466090 318 LA
2468030 413 or 426 RB
2468130 383 B 1959-71
2468230 318 A
2468330 426 RB 1964-65
2468330 426 RB 1966-71 HEMI
2532130 383 B 1965
2532230 426 RB 1964-66 Wedge
2532630 318 A
2536030 318 LA 1967-75
2536130 273 LA 1965
2536430 440 RB 1966-72
2566080 318 LA
2586430 ??? ?? ???? Contact Us If You Have Info
2658836 426 RB
2658930 361 B 1965
2780930 340 LA 1968-73 Not T/A or AAR
2806030 273 LA 1966-69
2806030 318 LA 1961-74
2806130 273 LA 1965-69
2806830 225 RG
2899830 383 B 1970
3418496 360 LA 1971-74
3577130TA 340 TA LA 1970-71 T/A and AAR
3614230 400 B 1971-72
3698630 400 B 1973-78
3698830 440 RB 1972-78
3810230 360 LA 1975-78
4006530 400 B 1976-78
4006630 440 RB 1975-78
4104230 318 LA Race Engine
4179930 360 LA 1975 – 1993

Please note that this isn’t a complete list of the Mopar Engine Casting Numbers. If you have known casting numbers that you could contribute that would be helpful! Please contact us here with your information. Thank You!

129 Responses to “Mopar Engine Casting Numbers”

  1. Jason Chalmers Says:Hi!! I need to buy a new Head for my 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter engine. I can not seem to find the engine casting number. I was told it is on a plate below the Head next to the dist. Unfortunately, it is very un-readable. I got a partial number, it is 90IMX25. My vin # is: 1J4FJ58L5KL52300. Can you help? or send me a link to somewhere I can find this info?Thanks!!

    Jason C.

  2. Pete the 4104230 is only a race engine..what would this be fore..drag racing trans am or what..and does this produce more horsepower then the base or original 318 blocks?? when i bought the car and first got it started it did kinda sound a bit badass for a 318..and the guy i bought it from also had racing headers for it..currently it wont started up fine 2 times 1st try one it wont start at suggestions..thanks
  3. Fred Says:I am looking at buying a 318 wedge motor but I’m not sure if my research is leading me in the right direction. Is this motor the same as a 318 LA or does anybody have any info on this engine. The motor came out of a 1965 Belvidere. Thanks.
  4. alessio Says:hi, i have a dodge charger 1969 with a engine casting number 4323330
    which engine it’s mounted on my car? i don t find anything about this number?.
  5. Tom Nunn Says:I have a 1958 Dodge Custom Royal with engine No. 1737709I need to know the CID etc for this engine.

    Is it the original engine or a transplant from another Chrysler?

  6. andrew Says:# Fred Says:
    August 1st, 2007 at 5:27 pmI am looking at buying a 318 wedge motor but I’m not sure if my research is leading me in the right direction. Is this motor the same as a 318 LA or does anybody have any info on this engine. The motor came out of a 1965 Belvidere. Thanks.

    that is a poly 318. it is an “A” engine not an “LA”. the bottom end stuff is pretty much the same but the top end is completely different.

  7. nathan Says:yes my engine is a 440 no.4006630 can you tell me if it is a hp motor or a magnum motor thank you nathan
  8. nathan Says:yes my engine is 440 no.4006630 could you tell me if it is a hp. or magnum motor. thank you nathan.
  9. fred Says:I have an engine casting#2532630 on a 66, charger i bought any info about this
    would be appreciated
  10. Don Says:I recently purchased a 1964 dodge Dart with a 318 motor. The motor is not original and the id # is 4104230 – 318-13. Above it states that is is a race engine. Can you tell me what that means? Do you know that year, horsepower or any other info would be greatly appreciated.
    Don Maihos
  11. Dave Jenkins Says:Do you have any info on a 318 race mtr cast # 4104230 , was this a crate mtr or bare blk from mopar or any thing
    thxs Dave
  12. maurice Says:i have an 383 but all i know is it came out of a chrysler new yorker and that it is a 1969 block how much horsepower do you think it has?
  13. stephen Says:Hi,
    I have a 1960 chrysler windsor that I imported from Canada to Australia and im looking for some imformation on the motor, the no on block is 2120228-3 L-g, another no. I found was pci-2290JC.
    Thanks any imfo on these cars would be appreciated.
    Regards Steve
  14. jason mcginty Says:Hello,
    I have a motor that has a casting no. 1851729, The intake number is 1851899. I have been told it is a 383 RB motor and it is a 383 B motor. On the distributor boss the numbers are MD 383 37424. The valve covers have stickers that say golden lion. Can anybody please help me!
    THANKS Jason
  15. huntbison Says:I have a 1955 Chris Craft boat with a Chrysler Firepower Hemi motor. The number on the back of motor is 1323329. I’d like to know info on this motor, i.e. cid, horsepower, etc.
    Anyone that can shed some light on this will be appreciated.
  17. phil taylor Says:I just recently purchased a mopar engine froma friend and he swaers the engine is a273. I checked casting number decoders and come up with nothing. the casting number is 2653304. the block is definitely built in 1965 according to the numbers on the right side of the block. thanks
  18. Donnie Wilkins Says:Hi,I have a 1970 Dodge challenger thats an automatic I would like to convert it to a 4 Speed Can anyone point me in the right direction where I can find everything I need to complete this task. Engine size 440 I know very little about what Manual transmission will change out from one car to the next. Also where would I find everything else I would need.
  19. JOHNNY Says:i just had a 440 giving to me. its casting numbers are 4406630 440 8. i know its a 1978 and low compression block. but what i was wondering is how can i find out if its a truck motor, marine block, or rv motor? also would like to know stock bore and stroke. either way i have intensions on building this block cause there is no 440s left here. i want to go big with it from aluminum heads to 871 supercharger. what all will i need to do to this block to get it ready. im wanting to run 375 dome pistons to get 13 to 1 compresion. any help will be appriciated. thanks
  20. Chuck Says:I have a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere and I’m trying to determine which engine it has. Casting on block is 2264370. Intake is2206383V. The VIN is 3246136747. Fender tag reads:
    H3 L1 Q5 T1 SO Number BDY TRM PNT
    1127 0038 323 M1B CC1Thanks
  21. paul Says:my cast number is 4006730-318-16. It must be a 318 but is there any thing special about it thanks
  22. Ed Says:I have two 440 engines and am wondering if you could tell me which one would be the better one to rebuild1975 440 RB (4006630-446-7) CT 440 F 5 27 2

    1966 440 (253643010) 10.20.66 C 440 1 26 2

  23. Ed Says:I need an honest answer to whether or not it is worth while doing up a 1981 Mirada? I have a line on one in fair shape but really was looking for a Charger or Road Runner.
  24. virginia king Says:we are still trying to find out about the motor in our 69 barracuda with a casting number on the motor of 714m318c1135498 the last 3 maybe a 5 its hard to read. im trying to find out if this is original to the car or if not what its out of. If anyone could help i would thank you very much.
  25. chris Says:I have a 1968 plymouth fury lll, What do the numbers on the front of the block just under the head mean????
  26. mike polakowski Says:seeking a 1970 383 magnum for my 1971 super bee, code 2468130
  27. Bryan Says:I just came into possession of a 1974 400 with the casting #3830830-400-1. Wondering if it is worthy of a rebuild to install in a 73 Satellite Sebring. Also have a 4006530-400-11 and a 4006630-440-10, the latter of which is going to be built as a stroker for a 73 Road Runner. What can you tell me about the 400’s.? Would one casting be better than the other. I can’t find any information on the first number mentioned.
  28. michael murphy Says:Hello, can anyone tell me where to find rear HD sway bars that fit a 1970 Fury C-body? Also does anyone have or know where to find a Sales Brochure for a (1970 Plymouth Police Catalog)? Please respond to my email of [email removed] Thanks Michael
  29. Troy Says:I am trying to find out the size of my cars engine. It is a 1965 Dodge Coronet 440. The casting number is 2206383V. Thank you
  30. Mike Smith Says:I just purchased a 1972 Dodge Dart that I plan on restoring. I bought it with no motor or transmission. I pulled a motor out of an old Dodge plow truck I own with low miles on it. The casting # on the block is
    4104230-318-15 the number stamped under the drivers side head is
    2m 318 08140094What year is this engine?
    According to your chart this is a race engine, is this true?

    This information will be helpful for ordering parts- Thankyou
    Mike Smith

  31. Danny Odom Says:I have a casting number 4006830-360-3, I can not find what CID it is…could you please help?
  33. jesse Says:i also have a 360 with casting number 4006830-360 i would like to find out the compression and horsepower etc..
    my email is [email removed]
    to answer to danny odom question
    cid 360
    liter 5.9
    bore 4.00
    cyl v-8
  34. jerry c. Says:i have a 1964 Chrysler Newport vin# 814327720 and eng. casting #253213-6 would someone please help me identify the eng. size.thanks for your help
  35. Dave Says:Hello, I have the chance to buy a 1986 360 block. Is this a magnum engine or not? When did they switch to the magnum for the 360? Thanks.
  36. jerry Says:looking for a 426 street wedge engine block for my 1964 426 street wedge Plymouth fury 4spd. please help,
  37. Challenged Ed Says:I purchased a 1973 Challenger Rallye and was wondering if the numbers stamped on the passenger side of the motor always matched the Vin#. Also, what do the numbers stamped below hte head on the drivers side mean. Is there a way to decode them. My read GM 340P 35810077.
  38. Louis Giancontieri Says:I have a 1968 GTX 426 auto vin #RS23J8A277223, the number stamped on my engine is
    NM42624420010 Mopar emblem 4-1-68 on the bock are raised 2468330-2 RL 1-15-68
  39. shaun Says:this is for don maihos’ question on sept. 7th 2007. Hi don, I do know after your casting number it says -318-13 and 13 is the nickeling content of the block. Ive been told 14 is the highest. I have a 318 that’s a 1969 out of a dump truck, my nickeling is -12. Hope that helps! shaun
  40. shaun Says:this is to answer daves question, on jan 23, the 360 magnum motor came out in 1993. i am currently building a 72 318 with 91 360 heads that are called swirlport design. they flow better then a J head which is a higher compression head. hope that helps shaun.
  41. jerry Says:looking for a 426 street wedge engine or block for my 1964 Plymouth fury can you me [email removed]
  42. Behrooz Says:Hi,
    I have read this page.
    I have bought a engine that seller told me 440, but now I know that’s 400. my god, why man do sin?
  43. chris Says:what does engine bock num4315830-360 mean
  44. Kevin Says:I have a 1970 340-engine # 2780930-340-7 for sale — a six pack and carbs -2:02 heads cast number 3418915 and other parts -engine-body for dart/duster
  45. Brad Harper Says:1852029 looks to be the same cast number as a 413 and 426? Can they be bored to be the same?
  46. Dave Says:FYI:’58 B 350cid = c/n 1944929 per Amer V8 Eng Data Bk “49-”74 by P. Sessler
  47. NATHAN TILLOTSON Says:I have a 440 id number 3830930-440-7 any clue.
  48. doug Says:I have some head casting numbers 13273773-1 supposed to be hemi looks like hemi but which family?thanks,
  49. Rick Dyson Says:I have a motor that was said to be from a 1959 Plymouth, the casting number is
    148492932. The casting date is 7.21.55, and there is an A2 centered above the date. The tag front driver’s side of the block has “FA” above 11053, and T338*79026*. Any help with ID of this motor greatly appreciated. And, where can you look up these numbers? Every site I’ve found has mostly muscle car numbers. I’m planning on putting this motor in a 33 Plymouth sedan, and need parts badly.Thanks,


  50. Chris Chapman Says:I recently bought a new crated engine that has a casting # 4104230-318-4. THE SERIAL# is 3M318 0720xxxx. Can anyone tell me exactly what this engine was built for?
  51. jesse Says:I have a 1968 383 motor, the pad under the distributer says: D 383
    I understand this means its a 1968 383 intended for Regular fuel. but I don’t understand the number 88.The underside of the engine near the strater/oilpan has the number PT383R22020294
    I understand this mean it was made in trenton, and should use Regular fuel, but what date is 2202 and 0294?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Jesse [email removed]

  52. Wayne Says:4104230 – 318-13. Above it states that is is a race engine. Can you tell me what that means? Do you know that year, horsepower or any other info would be greatly appreciated.
  53. heff Says:to mike polilowski I have the coded engine you are looking for. go to [email removed]
  54. Paul Says:here is the cast number off of a motor i purchased, haven’t been able to find any info/listing for this number
    DNnumber on the pad is 4T440 E
    i know that it is a 440, out of a truck, so you can add this to your list if it helps
  55. Dart Swinger 340 4 speed Says:I got a 1970 340 4 speed FACTORY production car Dart Swinger- i have the 4 speed that came with the car- how do I tell if its the Original Transmission to the car?it has several casting numbers but I’m not Real sure what they mean. even has a date that looks to be 2-23-70- the 0 in the 70 is kind of rusty- thus deteriorated a little- hard to make out clearly.

    any help guys? would be Much Appreciated.

  56. Kevin Says:Would you please tell me what the letters in the family category stand for. Thanks.
  57. Tide Says:My engine have casting number in front, passenger side. 212 9048 above that is number 1.
    What would that casting telling? Side of the block have not any codes. Only in both ends of block have A2 stamp.
  58. Sharri Says:I have a block with casting number 1673729-6 and other set of numbers NE5733161 — is this a hemi motor? My husband passed away a few years ago and this was in the garage.
  59. albert Says:i have a block with casting #1852029-4 i come up with its a 413 anyone can tell me what the -4 is and if its a 413 thanks albert
  60. albert Says:this block also has looks like AOAA on the front drivers side
  61. albert Says:i have a 79 volare (duster) tags on fender is there any way to bring the front end up sits to low i going to replace the 318 in it to a 413 and would i have ro change the k frame if so witch one would i need
  62. william a driscoll Says:I would like to read the answers to the above questions. Thanks.
  63. Gary Says:i have a 2 x 4 barrel Manifold that is supposed to be fit the old 318 poly. The casting # is 1822004. Anyone have more info or a website ?
  64. Ramon Miller Says:I am looking to buy a 2 x 4 intake manifold for a poly head 318 Mopar engine. If anyone has one or knows anyone that does. Please contact Ramon by email at: [email removed], or by phone at: 510-797-7338 (Fremont, CA) as soon as possible. Thank you
  65. Bobby Goulas Says:HIThanks for the information. I did find my engine casting number on your list. What does family refer to.
  66. richard Says:any info you can give me on the numbers 4006730-318-16 on what type of motor it s and such.thanks.
  67. Barry Says:I have a 318 with # 4006730-318-11 and would like to know what year it is….have you found out anything about yours?
  68. Lew Says:Anyone interested in (2) completely rebuilt 1971 Chrysler marine 400ci engines w forged cranks ? Nothing was overlooked on these engines. I’m moving out of the area and don’t want to haul them around with me. If so contact me at [email removed]
  71. Dennis Says:to answer the question –nope
  72. Dennis Says:Can anyone tell me what site to go to and find casting codes for dodge truck blocks.
  73. david Says:I have a 440 engine block dated 10-27-66. with casting codes 2536430 8 I was wondering what it came out of as I cant find vin # on right side of block.Is it a 440 wedge?

    Thanks David

  74. marty Says:I have a question about a Mopar perform. camshaft. I don’t have the box that it came in but I do have all the lifters in their orig. lil boxes. I know its mechanical purple shaft.I just dont know ifits a .528 lift or a .590 lift cam.It has some # on the end of it they are#950695 theese are stamped on the other end of the t.gear. Any help would be appreciated. Marty
  75. Charles Baker Says:need to know the casting numbers on a dual overcam 2.2 99neon cam shafts
  76. ken wellman Says:I have two engines a 318 ,and a 360 with casting numbers of4179930-360


    If you tell me anything about these engines would be much appreciated

    thanks KEN

  77. seppo Says:Hi, Kevin!
    Send your phone number I’m very interested in your 340 T-A engine!
    And send me information and pics. Thanks!
  78. Leif Says:I have a 383 block I rescued from the top of a hill and would like to find more info on it if possible. The casting number is 2468130 . 9 LLThanks,
  79. paul baggerly Says:hi can you help me, i have a 440, block has 2536430-6 what does the -6 mean. also block has 1-4-71, i know its a 1971,but the pad has h 440 then below that it has 9-27 I know that h stands for 72 , but is the9-27 1971 or 1972. one more thing is this a good motor and did this year have a steel crank thank you Paul
  80. Jim Says:Does anyone have any info on the Direct Connection 4104230 318 race block? Is it the same as the 340, specs etc??
    Thank You.
  81. Scott Says:Can someone help me out? I have a 87 318 with a casting number of 4387530-318. I’m trying to find all the specs for this motor.
    Also have a Tranny and transfer case number I’m trying to figure what I have
    Transfercase-G-15316or8 also on a tag is 12485205 and below it is 4202740.
  82. richard franklin Says:hi, could any u guys help me out? i have a “73 dodge truck with a 79 360-la motor that is blown! i cant seem to find the right match for it, everything i git from local salvage yards have the wrong bell housing bolt patterns but they say it is the right 1??could any 1 please give me some info on what the differences are? thanks…yf richard franklin 803-379-0285
  83. Ray Jr Says:I’ve seen several posts here about 318 polyhead motors. I’ve got one for sale with a push button auto trans still attached. This came out of a 64 Polara with 72,000 miles. The car was very rusted so we took everything that was good. The engine/trans is carb to pan.
    email is: [email removed] The parts are in Suffield, CT.
  84. John Says:I am not sure which size of motor i have here :the date on the block said




    Any inputs would be appreciated.

  85. John Says:I am not sure which size of motor i have here :the date on the block said



  86. mike hazard Says:Can someone help me out? I have a 77 440 with a casting number of 4006650-440-8. I’m trying to find all the specs for this motor.
  87. mike hazard Says:Can someone help me out? I have a 77 440 with a casting number of 4006650-440-8. I’m trying to find all the specs for this is in a pace arrow motorhome i just got if anyone has any infor on it please email me at [email removed] thank you
  88. tony leone Says:can anyone tell me where to find the actual engine no. on a 1976 plymouth gran fury coupe with a 400 c.i. motor. thanks Tony
  89. Larry Dawson Says:I have a pretty decent looking old wedge in pieces. I am looking to restore the engine but it does not appear on any lists that I have . number is 22058874. Can anyone identify this.Thank You
  90. james lyon Says:I am trying to find out what year my 318 Mopar was made. I am having a lot of trouble doing this as my engine appear to be out of a m bodied pick upwhich I don’t seem to be able to track down. if you could help in this matter I would be very grateful.
  91. james lyon Says:I am trying to find out what year my 318 Mopar was made. I am having a lot of trouble doing this as my engine appear to be out of a m bodied pick upwhich I dont seem to be able to track down. if you could help in this matter I would be very greatfull. the engine number is 3m318-02091004 thanks.
  92. ryan Says:i have a 440 motor from a 73 motorhome the vin is 3693830-440-2 but alot of your truck motors came with steel cranks see if it has a pilot bushing hole drilled in the crank most of the truck motors if drilled 4 pilot bushing were steel
  93. Linwood Says:I have an engine with Block Casting 4006730-318-7, can someone tell what this engine came out of? Need help please.
  94. Andy Sikkema Says:Engine casting 400683-360-8 what was this engine in? and year. thank you….
  95. jerry Says:I have a block that is marked 2468 only(there is a blank, oval shaped pad after the first four numbers), R,L, 5/27/64 with the following numbers and letters on the pad “A 426 HP 5?. The rod, piston and crank numbers all correspond to 426 hemi numbers, and it has forged crank forged rods and forged aluminum flat top pistons, but the block is a two bolt main…what the hell is this thing? Some have told me a hemi, some have said it’s a wedge, but the wedge numbers don&##8217;t work because it’s a 426 and the 426 wedge has a completely different prefix…HELP!
  96. david Says:i have a 318 with numbers 253598-318-9. does anybody know a year and what kind of 318?it is in a 1966 dodge a100. thanks!
  98. daniel Says:Dart swinger 340 guy:you can tell by looking at the tailshaft.If it is really short(i will have to measure it)then it is an a-body transmission. I also have a 1970 dart swinger 340.It will get a 383 and 4-speed transmission.
  99. joshua Says:bought a 440 from a gentle man who told me it was a1974 440 the block says 4-1-75 4006630-440-3 and what is the 3 and what horse power and torque and compression im just starting out with a 1973 plymouth duster that i had a 360 40 over with 512 cam i want to make as many horses as possible on a limited budget i am 29 with 3 kids and one on the way with a wife who likes to spend money some one please help me and fast before my moneys gone
  100. Chris Freels Says:I bought a motor guy says it is a 1972 model and came out of a rv was wondering if you could give me any info on it , the only numbers I could find was 369990 I think, but it does say 440-6 on the side of the block was wondering about horsepower and torque numbers to . Any info is greatly appreciated Thanks
  101. tom spear Says:Hello i need to find out details on my motor, i have 360 LA motor. I want to find the vin from the motor to run the numbers so i know what exactly it came out of. where would i find the vin number at?
  102. Phillipe Says:Hello. can anybody tell me what engine goes with the casting number 1851829-5 LL and 8-58 3. thanks
  103. bill Says:i have a 440……….3698830-440-6
    is this an 440 six pack?….thank you
  104. Robert Gel Says:Hi,
    For Phillipe, i have a block with Casting number 1851829-5 LL on my Facel Vega HK500.
    It is a dual quad carb 383 big block of 1959.
    This type of big block was used on Facel Vega cars 1959-1961.
  105. Robert Gel Says:Casting number 1851829-5 LL could also be found on :Desoto 1959-1961
    Dodge 1959-1964
    Plymouth 1960-1964

    Robert Gel

  106. jake Says:wha ever
  107. jake Says:whatever
  108. gilbert arnold Says:Hi
    I bought a 1974 Mopar 400
    The camshaft number is 743550
    Can you give me any info by this number?
    Thanks Gilbert
  109. Norbert Seifert Says:I finally got started on my 71 charger500 383 hb…….thanks for the information. It’s been siting for about 26 years and have not done anything ( bot it new) hard to find information , thanks
  110. carlos Bustos Says:Hi, I need a set of spark plugs and a set of spark plug wires also requires heat diffuser plate to protect the spark plug side exit gases, the casting number is 4006630, size 440, family RB and year 1978.would contribute
  111. Ralph Says:under the left head 4m318 0r 818 0306215 is this a 318 engine
    think ralph
  112. alan l lange Says:i have 8m318 06220404 have looked allover the web cant find what i have i assume its a 318 but would like to no year etc also there is a 36 on front of heads what have i got thanks alan
  113. John Says:Hi Mopar Fiends,I am not sure which size of motor i have here :

    the date on the block said




    Any inputs would be appreciated.

    I assumed it might be 413 or…. 426 because they shared same numbers ?

    And what does R.L. stands for ?

    Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer. Kind of tired of sitting @ Twilight Zone and staring at my mystery engine, LOL !

  114. tim wetter Says:how do I find out what car my engine came out of. the engine id number is 2468130
  115. ed Says:how do you find out the year of the engine i have it reads 2780930-340-7
  117. Stew Nugent Says:Need help with engine I D Casting # 22B4370 (front pass. side of block &2206383 casting # on manifold Looks like a one barrel. Thanks for any info. Stew
  118. phil Says:i have a 67 plymouth belvedere with a 318A wide block, is this a canadian car?
  119. scott Says:looking for a fcasting number 3418488 on a dodge engine
  120. mike Says:hello
    I have a 383 that was cast in Dec. of 1968 and came out of a
    1969 Plymouth road runner the engine also has hp stamped on it
    along with some other markings IF ANYONE NEEDS THIS ENGINE
    E-MAIL ME FOR ALL THE INFO AT [email removed]
  121. fred Says:i have a 1979 dodge power wagon with the block #4104230-318-4…..when i looked it up it says race motor, does anyone know what kind of race motor this is ? it sure has a lot of pep, it moves this big truck right on down the road at a good clip,it feels like a munch bigger motor than a 318….any info would help…thank you fred
  122. DENNIS Says:
    I have a 426 street Hemi cast 3.9.66 which also has an “x” cast on the block. Does anybody know what the X stands for?
  123. Dave Says:
    Just bought a cottage. While cleaning the yard i found a #2532630 Mopar engine under an old tarp. Engine is a 318 cid, wide block, Class “A”, 1960 to 1966. FREE to anyone who wants it. Will hang onto it for a few more weeks before going to the dump. Call 1-705-567-5139. Kirkland Lake Ontario Canada
  124. tory Says:
    i have a 1974 360 it come out of a 1974 champion motor home i need to know what it came out with stock horsepower wise
  125. tory Says:
  126. dan Says:
    any info on block #2536430-6
  127. Rick Says:
    Where is the serial # on the motor of my 1969 340 Dart?
  128. Chris Says:
    I have recently purchased a 64 plymouth belevedere. I was told it had a 426 engine, but we cant find the casting numbers anywhere on the engine. Where should the casting numbers be? We found the letters DP and also R5 but that is it.Thanks much…
  129. Eric Says:
    i found the number 400670-318-11 on the driver’s side of my block and can’t match it up to anything. i am almost positive its a 318

14 Responses to Mopar Engine Casting Numbers

  1. Norm Jennings says:

    #95 Jerry – The full casting number is 2468030. That was used for both 413 and 426 S Wedge motors when there was a shortage in the normal run. I have the same in my 65 Satellite, but it has the remaining numbers.

  2. johnny bair says:

    I have a fairly new to me 1977 Plymouth Trailduster with a 360 ci and the stamped serial number on the drivers front side of the block just below the cylinder head doesn’t resemble anything I can find on line. These numbers are 77 2 107625 and just below that it shows 360 K 582.

    The VIN plate shows that it is a 1977 TD, while the vehicle certification label (VCL), shows an Aug 1976 build date. The raised casting number on the right side of the engine block shows 13-7-76 which appears to be one month prior to the build date (why 13)?. The raised casting numbers on the left side of the block shows 4045601-360 which I confirmed is a good number, built between 1974 & 1980. However, I cannot find any stamped sequence number on the right side of the block in order to see if it matches my VIN sequence number!

    Can you advise why there is no stamped sequence number on the left side of the block? Were there some that used the 6 digit number on the left front side instead. If so, then this is not the original engine! Bummer.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Øivind Andersen says:

    Hi. Have a 70 Challenger R/T, number stamped in front of engine: F 440 72 3 HP.
    What can you tell me about this engine?

  4. Vinnie says:

    Hi there,

    I have a 440 with VIN# 3698830 440 7
    Heads are 2843906-8 another tab on heads 01069

    I am looking to do a rebuild with some modest HP gains, looking for more information on this motor, hoping for details for clearances, piston type, compression ratios, deck heights, a spec sheet would be amazing.. Not sure what you have for info, any is appreciated! Thanks in advance

  5. stormye L hamilton says:

    please help me sell this motor all i know is its number is 2468330-2 ten it has RL THEN THEDATE is 7-28-60 or 68

  6. R. Dana Gersbach says:

    I have a mid seventies marine 318. I’M not sure of rotation and we can’t get it started. Casting numbers from the block are 4006730-31812 . I did find a id plate on the bell housing : model is 273ATL16 TYPE 187 AND WITH A SERIAL NUMBER OF 106735. As I stand behind the fly wheel the front of the engine rotates to the right for starting. What do I have here. Please let me know. Thanks you very much. Dana

  7. William F. Owens says:

    2468030-3 Engine Block number in your listing shows its a 413 – 426 thefamily being RB. Is this a Max Wedge Performance engine?
    Thank you

  8. jerry whitfield says:

    I have a 318″ engine which was in a 58 plymouth. Don’t know if it was original to the car or not.
    Can only read 7 digits of engine #:207370, due to power steering pump in the way. Also can see R318 raised lettering. Any suggestions or help you can give, greatly appreciated. I would like to know the year of mfg. of engine so I can be sure to have the correct carb for the car, since it only gets 10-11 mpg after full rebuild.
    I see also 6667D or 6661 D
    thank you
    Jerry Whitfield in North Carolina 336-749-5922 or email.

  9. CHUCK says:





  10. wallace says:

    i have a dodge engine trying to find out what it is 4006830-360-3 left side and right side 11-10-76

  11. thor says:

    i have a 1958 dodge d100 and the engine casting number i found on the top behind the water pump is L8d5-I6465 also has these numbers stamped 69908.
    can anyone tell me what engine this is??

  12. Rick Wiese says:

    my name is Rick i have i think is a 1978 318 but id like to know for sure cause i need to order some rod bearings heres the# i found on the drivers side of the block 4006 730-318-2 the on the other side is an arrow pointing at d and the numbers10-78 thanks Rick

  13. Phil says:

    Can someone please help me.
    My engine number on the block reads P15* 1027193*

    My truck is a 1951 B3B Dodge.

    On the paperwork when they rebuilt the engine it shows: 1948 Dodge D2400 N230FH

    What does this mean?

  14. Doug says:

    I have a 1964 Century Sabre boat with a stamped engine number of 432S352-2 and another stamp for the Firing Order of 1843657, how can I identify the engine type and model for this V8?

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