Mopar Brochures

This is the collection of Vintage Mopar Brochures that we have gotten so far. These brochures are what the dealers would have used to try and sell the cars. The brochures have lots of typical and very interesting information. We currently have the following brochures:

1970 Dodge Challenger Brochure
1971 Dodge Challenger Brochure
1972 Dodge Challenger Brochure
1973 Dodge Challenger Brochure
1974 Dodge Challenger Brochure (Dodge Full Line Brochure)

1968 Dodge Dart Brochure
1969 Dodge Dart Brochure
* Other Dodge Dart Brochures *

1971 Plymouth Duster / Valiant Brochure
* Other Plymouth Duster / Valiant Brochures *

1970 Plymouth Fury Dealer Brochure
1972 Plymouth Fury Dealer Brochure

* Early Plymouth Barracuda Brochures *
1970 Plymouth Barracuda Brochure
1971 Plymouth Barracuda Brochure
1972 Plymouth Barracuda Brochure
1973 Plymouth Barracuda Brochure
1974 Plymouth Barracuda Brochure

1967 Dodge Charger Brochure
1970 Dodge Charger Brochure
1971 Dodge Charger / Coronet Brochure
1972 Dodge Charger Brochure
* Other Dodge Charger Brochures *

1969 Dodge Coronet Brochure
1970 Dodge Coronet Brochure
1971 Dodge Coronet / Charger Brochure – Just Added!!!
* Other Dodge Coronet Brochures *

1971 Dodge Scat Pack Brochure

1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System Brochure
1971 Plymouth Rapid Transit System Brochure

If you have any of the brochures we are missing please contact us. We are also looking for any other Mopar Brochures. If you have any please email them to us here. Thanks for your help!

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  1. jose martinez says:

    Hey i just bought a 1974 dodge dart, 4 door, and i wasnt able to find anything about it or what parts it has and needs. just wondering if yall had anything about it

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