AAR ‘Cuda

AAR 'Cuda LogoThe AARCuda was only produced during the year of 1970. The AARCuda was produced to race in the SCAA road racing and to compete with the Ford Mustang. AAR actually means ‘All American Racers’. Let’s first look at how the AARCuda differed from the regular ‘Cuda. Then we will go into more detail with each of those differences.

The AARCuda was different from the regular ‘Cuda in many ways. All AARs had a 340 6 barrel engine. The AAR had a unique stripe called a strobe stripe, which held the AARCudalogo. The hood scoop on the AAR actually took in fresh air. For spoilers, it had front “eyebrow” spoilers and a rear “duck tail “. Unlike a standard ‘Cuda, the AAR’s exhaust came out the sides near the back wheels.

AARCuda Engine

AAR Cuda 340 6 Barrel EngineThe AARCuda offered lots of power with a V8, 340 6 barrel engine. The bore and stroke were 4.04 inches by 3.31 inches. The stock compression was 10.5 to 1. For the carburetors, they used 3 two-barrel carborators, which amounted to 6 barrels. The maximum horsepower from the factory was a whopping 290 bhp @ 5,000 rpm, and the maximum torque was 335 lb-ft @ 3,400 rpm. The 340 could accelerate the ‘Cuda 0-60 miles per hour in 5.8 seconds, 0-100 miles per hour in 14.4 seconds, and race a quarter mile in 14.4 seconds at 100 miles per hour.

AARCuda Strobe Stripe

AAR Cuda StripeThe stripe on the AARCuda, called a strobe stripe, is a unique feature. The back side of the stripe is where theAAR logo is located. The AAR logo is make up of four white stars surrounded in blue at the top, then the letters AAR below the stars. The whole AAR logo has a white background with a black outline. Then, right next to the AAR logo there is the word CUDA, hence makingAARCuda. Then moving forward the stripe starts with small verticle lines then and you get farther forward they get wider, and wider. Finially, at the front it starts to get shorter, and at the front it doesn’t quite come to a point, it rounds out.

AARCuda Hood

AAR Cuda HoodThe hood on an AARCuda is something that sets it apart from standard ‘Cudas as well as all other cars. The hood is made of lightweight fiberglass. What really sets this hood apart from all other cars is the hood scoop. The sleek design really blends in nicely with the rest of the car. Some might think that the scoop is “all show and no go”, but this hood scoop is functional and draws in fresh air. The hood was usually painted Organasol, along with the tops of the fenders and doors.

AARCuda Front and Rear Spoilers

AAR Cuda SpoilersThe spoilers on the AAR also set it apart from other cars. The front spoilers are what they call “eyebrow” spoilers. As you can see in the image the “eyebrow” spoilers are located on the side of the car, on the front fender in front of the tire. There is a matching spoiler on the passenger side of the car. The rear spoiler is what is called a “duck tail “. It is located on the back end of the trunk lid. The Challenger T/A has a spoiler that is very similar to what the AAR has.

AARCuda Side Exhaust

AAR Cuda ExhaustThe exhaust on the AARCuda came out the side of the car. On most ‘Cudas, Challengers (excluding the Dodge Challenger T/A), and other Mopars, the exhaust exited out the rear of the car in a variety of ways. However, the AARs exhaust came out right in front of the back wheels, on both sides none the less. Before exiting out the side exhaust pipes though, it was routed through the standard muffer (which was mounted under the back seat).

AARCuda Production Information

The AARCuda was produced during the months of March and April, 1970. Production of the AAR began on March 10 and continued until April 17. There was however the pilot car that was produced February 3rd. Also, according to a couple ofAAR Cuda Registries, there were no AARs known to be produced March 10th, 25th – 27th, or the 30th. Also they reported that there has been at least one AAR with the production date of April 20. So those production dates may not have been followed exactly by the factory. There were only about 2,724 AAR ‘Cudas produced in the six week time period. There were 1,120 produced with manual 4-speed transmissions, and the remaining 1,614 had the automatic 3-speed transmissions.

42 Responses to AAR ‘Cuda

  1. victor Guzman says:

    I am looking for the concept drawings,they were in a magazine .I remembre them my mom still has the car what a car & momrys it gave us!

  2. mark cristaldi says:

    i am the proud owner of mopar collector mag. july 1992 cover car aar. ive owmed “delores” 4 13 yrs now and fall in love all over again every time i start her up.She turns heads everywhere we go!the only problem are kids who dont have a clue of what the car is capable of doing! thier hondas n toyos with beer can exhust just cant compare with “ole detroit iron” sometimes they force the issue and have to learn the hard way.i have a friend who has 9 classic mopars inc hemi 70 cuda but the aar is by far the best all alround and most fun to drive.these cars are VERY special.just ask anyone who owns one.

  3. mark says:

    I just bought a 70 AAR and even though it needs work i love her.

  4. Tony says:

    Been a ‘Cuda lover since I was 8yrs old, I still remember when my older brother of 8 years, bought his 1970 340 ‘Cuda when he was 17, for $1,800. That beautiful Orange, with the 340 hockey stick rear quarter accents, thing of beauty. Now, 20+ years later, he also added a 1971 Challenger T/A to the collection. A 340ci is literally the only engine that can always get me goin’. Absolutely love the performance. God love Mopar muscle car performance. Challenger T/A & ‘Cuda AAR, the sexiest muscle Detroit ever made. Gotta give my 1970 340 Dodge Demon some love also.

  5. joe says:

    First car age 14 ,1973 cuda 340 3spd pd 500,rusty as they get here in mich,lol sold at age 16,500,new fenders, doors,etc,dumb ass kid didn’t know what i had at the time.proud current owner of a nice 72 dodge dart swinger 225,original butternut color,junk yard save 600,little rear quarter rust,but put a battery in it and been drivin it for 6months,love the mopars.

  6. jason turner says:

    i need help to find out which website or u know
    how many made AAR cuda
    and how many made plum crazy
    and rood vinyl ?

  7. jason turner says:

    hi i need ur help find out how many made AAR plum crazy
    and my is roof black vinyl

  8. john kerestes says:

    had a b7 blue aar cut it up fo a ss/ga race car still sick about that ,purchased another in 1982 sassy grass green won Indy mopar nationals a few years later . still have my 1966 red hemi belveder 1 purchased in 1976 28000 miles on it

  9. Anthony says:

    Jason Turner, the answer is zero. Plum Crazy was NOT a color option for the AAR. The closest color shade to Plum Crazy was a “High Impact” color called “In Violet Metallic”, of the 2,724 “American Spec” AAR’s produced, 243 were painted this color. The vinyl top was option code VX1.

  10. Anthony Locs says:

    just purchased a AAR that has been sitting in a garage for 27 yrs. It’s in excellent condition. burnt orange 4 speed match numbers. What a find. My wife hates it , but i love it!

  11. Ken says:

    Hello Folks, I have a FM3 car. 4 speed. 54,000 miles. I’ve known this car since it was backed off of the transporter in 1970. Any one have any idea how many rouge AARs were created?

  12. Ronald Wesley says:

    Did the 1970 AAR Cuda come in Panther Pink and was it called “Panther Pink” on both the Dodge Challenger and the Cuda? Was it Six barrel on the Plymouth Cuda and Six Pack on Dodge?

    I miss my 1970 T/A, but I love my Viper RT/10 2001. Thanks for the help.


  13. Tlocs28 says:

    I am selling my aar. Burnt orange 4 speed car matching motor. Vinyl top elastomeric bumper rally dash great driver. Priced accordingly at 46500. Call me anytime at 914 469 6774. Thank you, Anthony

  14. terry says:

    Does anybody know if the AAR cars had big torque tube braces welded into the back floors under the seat area, for road racing. I know of a car with them, and they look factory.

  15. Mark 'cuda man says:

    Anthony……can you tell me how many AAR automatics, red on red were made????? Thanks

  16. alan hasse says:

    My grandfather collected aar cudas he has 7 of them. He Is willing to part with all but one. All are in “average” condition . No rust. All the motors Turn over freely but old gas and won’t start. If he doesn’t remember just remind him his grandson Charlie is selling the cudas. Please be respectful and remember he is 89 years old. But always been a mopar man!

  17. Michael says:

    Could someone please tell me the engine code for the 340 6 pack & the 440 6 pack. I believe the 340 4 barrel was E55.

  18. Jim says:

    Hi, I have owned my 70 AAR since May of 1970 and am wondering how many AAR’s are still known to exist? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. To be totally truthful I own 2 AAR’s one 4 speed manual steering and one 727auto with power steering and really need to know how many of each are still known to exist? Thanks in advance.

  19. Richard Carpenter says:

    I bought a 70 aar cuda in 73 for $2,100, and drove it for a couple of years before someone t-boned me at and intersection. I’ve had many cars since but would trade them all for that cuda, orange and black, what a beautiful ride.If I missed 1st and started out in 3rd (to high sometimes), it wouldn’t even shake or shudder.Very fast car and handled better in the curves than my friends 60 MGA, I sure miss that ride. If you’re lucky enough to have one, hold on to it brother, I saw one go for $100,000 at an auction. RC in Ca.

  20. Al says:

    They forgot to mention that the AAR had a close ratio steering box, I believe it was 2 1/2 turns lock to lock as opposed to the standard ‘Cuda 3 1/2 turns.

    I could be wrong, but I also think the engine had 4 bolt mains compared to the standard 340 with 2 bolt mains, or possibly was drilled for 4 bolt mains but only came with 2 bolts. I can’t remmeber. And I seem to recall that the heads were different from the standard 340 as well.

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