Mopar Fender Tag Decoder

To begin please enter the VIN number of your Mopar


  • To decode a fender tag enter the codes from your fender tag and then press submit.
  • Start entering codes from the bottom line (the bottom ones need to be lined up for the decoder to work.)
  • All codes should be in uppercase.
  • Double check all the codes or an unknown or wrong description will come up.
  • The only required fields are the ones that are green. These are required to get a more accurate decoding of your fender tag.
  • We have spent a lot of time entering in codes but we might have missed a few. If you find an error, please email me at this link
  • This decoder will not decode 1966 – 1968 fender tags or cars made from the Lynch Road plant.
  • To print out the decoding or your fender tag, press [Ctrl + P].
  • This decoder is for personal use only. View Disclaimer.
  • Thank you, and enjoy!