Mopar Engines

Mopar cars are notorious for their high horsepower engines. Mopar engines were, and still are very desirable for speed and performance. One of the most desirable mopar engines is the 426 Hemi Engine. This hemi engine produced 425 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 490 foot-pounds of torque at 4000 rpm. Other popular Mopar engines include: the powerful 440 cid, the 383 cid, the small block 340 cid, and the durable 318 cid engines.

426 Mopar Engine

Mopars were in their prime in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1972, though, stricter emission laws were put into effect and Mopar engines had to be detuned and thus greatly reduced the amount of horsepower the engines put out. In 1974, though these stricter emissions led to the downfall of most muscle cars.

Recently though there has been trend to the rebirthing of the muscle car craze and we are once again seeing new high horsepower engines being built. Take for example the Charger, or the new Dodge Challenger that is coming out. They have a 6.1L hemi that is being dropped into them and are producing, like the 426 hemi engine, 425 horsepower.

Well now that we have had a little overview/history of the Mopar engines let’s take a close look at each engine individually.

Here are some of the engines that we are planning on writing articles about. If you have any interesting stories / tips / rebuilding tips, please email them to us using this by contacting us here.

Small Block Mopar Engines

Big Block Mopar Engines

  • 350
  • 361
  • 383
  • 400
  • 413
  • 440
  • 440 6-Pack
  • 426 Hemi

Current / Recent Mopar Engines

  • 5.7 Hemi
  • 6.1 Hemi

Other Mopar Engines

  • 331 Hemi
  • 354 Hemi
  • 392 Hemi

26 Responses to Mopar Engines

  1. george says:

    need picture of a 318 dodge motor for the carb linkage. I have a camper that has a 318 motor in it and step dad rigged up the choke so it will run but don’t want the choke to where i have to use it but put it back to where it is was out of the factory. Plus the electronic fuel pump was taken off and need wiring diagram for that too

  2. otto says:

    i recently purchased a 426 street wedge motor complete. the heads are said to be a rare type( made in 67 i believe).
    could you help me identify the certainty of all…..
    location of #s etc…

  3. Mike Dianich says:

    I bought a project 66 Dodge Polara w/ a 440 in it. (not original to the car) the engine # is
    4T440E, what do the letters mean? thanks

  4. D. Bell says:

    I have a dodge 360 motor with a casting no. that says 400 6830 360. Can anyone tell me what year this motor is?

  5. Eric says:

    I have a dodge Dakota with a 3.9l that has been changed, I need to know the year of the engine, the serial is 4348967, thanks.

  6. SM says:

    Have a 1966 NY with a 440. The ID tag next to the distributor is marked B440, 10-13. What does the 10-13 mean?

  7. newell says:

    i have a 1976 dart with 360 casting # 400 6830 360 7 .. can anyone tell me what these # mean ? thanks

  8. Nick says:

    No site yet, Is there a spec sheet for the T/A 3577130.T.A.340.1 Casting number. What heads were most commonly used. I have 8418915A 2.02 IN & 1.60 EX The heads & Block was done by R&R machine. The valves were way too deep, but the better part is the seats are out of round, leaks.. I didn’t find out until I pressure tested the engine after installing the heads. To make it right it would have to have pockets cut for seats and press in new, and to go that far do the guides also. The valve margin is 0.050″ or less… so they should be replaced anyway. Or go with O/S Valves ? I tried going back to R&R but they have been closed.. What a nightmare ! A second opinion is always nice.

  9. Rick says:

    have a 440 casting number 2536430-9. I know its a 70 block what is the -9? also on the eng. pad its marked F440 BC AUTO
    71 2
    F440 is for 70 71 is for year of assy, 2 is second shift.
    What is the BC AUTO for?

  10. KEVIN CRAWFORD says:

    i have a set of 1966 426 motors out of a 66 criss craft boat like to know what to ask for them

  11. Earl says:

    I have acquired a Dodge pickup that has a replacement engine in it. Not sure of the engine size and casting number is covered by headers. RB block ID has 6T 40E and below that is 12 9. I am assuming this is 1968 big block of either 383 or 440 cubic inches. Does anyone know?

  12. Earl says:

    The 4 stands for 1974 production year. T stands for “truck engine” 440 is for 440 cubic inch, E stands for a cast crank.

  13. Darrell says:

    I have a motor E.I.N BA114875 or 4104230, Can you tell me what year this motor was made in and, what kind of car, truck it came out of.

    Thanks Darrell

  14. I enjoy says:

    Good write-up. I absolutely appreciate this site. Thanks!

  15. Jacob says:

    I have a 72 jeep CJ5 that has a 360 dodge motor in it. The motor is clean and I still can not find the block number. The only number I can find is the number (8195530 C) on the intake manifold be hind the carb. Is this going to do anything for me? Plus im new at this:) 1st time for everything. Thanks for your time.

  16. gary mcknight says:

    my block has number 1673729-60 C6\D N other side has C 587 A1 the heads number 1731528-2

  17. laifdeaner says:

    I have 1975 mopor v8 with eng numbers 4328852-2 what size eng do I have help

  18. Doreen says:

    ?ott soo bad. Fascinating issues here

  19. JOE says:

    I have a engine number C4401242
    I cant find any info on it .
    Can anyone help please

  20. Tony T says:

    The 440 Magnum (particularly 1967) it was definitely well in excess of the advertised 375 and or 390 horsepower It would make a Hemi “Work” to earn a Win If the Hemi even Won,Another Stomper was the 426 Max Wedge.

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