That's right a 2008 Dodge Challenger! As shown in the new photos, the new Challenger was designed highly with the 1970 - 1974 Dodge Challengers in mind. The accent line, the hood, stripe, the headlights, and pretty much the overall shape are all similar to the 1970 - 1974 Dodge Challenger. Dodge definitely did it’s research on the 2008 Dodge Challenger.

2008 Dodge Challenger Pictures Header

The first rumors were saying that the new Dodge Challenger was going to be available in 2009, but it has been confirmed that the new Dodge Challenger will be available for the model year of 2008.

2008 Dodge Challenger 392 Super Stock Concept

At this year’s SEMA auto show Chrysler released another 2008 Challenger concept car. Introducing the Dodge Challenger 392 Super Stock concept car. This car features the rebith of the legendary 392 Hemi. This new engine sports between 525hp and 540hp! The Challenger SS concept sports a tritone paint job. It has white as the base paint. Then the top half of the Challenger is a bright blue. Finially it sports a stripe down the side of the car that resembles the 1970 T/A Challenger’s stripe or the 1971 Dodge Challenger’s R/T stripe. Without the “R/T” and “T/A” lettering though.

The 392 Dodge Challenger also shows some cosmetic changes from the original 2008 Dodge Challenger concept. The front bumper is pushed out a little farther, probably to help with crash safety tests. Also the fog lights have changed to a more practiacal production version.

So will we see the new Challenger equipped with the 392 Hemi? Well with the competing 500hp Ford Mustang and the new Camaro coming out, I can’t see how Dodge could afford not to. For the new Challenger to compete they need more than just awesome cosmetics. They need to excel in performance, too. Even more important then performance, though, will be the price that they set. And if they offer a V6 version to get the car into main circulation.

2008 Dodge Challenger Overview

The 2008 Dodge Challenger will be based on the LY Platform (the updated version of the LX platform). It will share the updated LY platform with the Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300 and the Magnum. The new platform will be able to hold a manual transmission along with an automatic transmission. The Dodge Challenger will be rear wheel drive, and have what everyone wanted, two doors. The starting price on the 2008 Dodge Challenger will be $31,000 $37,995.

2008 Dodge Challenger Engine Options

What engines will there be available in the 2008 Dodge Challenger? We don’t know for sure right now, but there will definitely be a Hemi available. Like the Dodge Charger I think the top engine will be the 6.1 Hemi which produces 425 HP. There has been some rumors though of them using the new 392 Hemi. There will likely be a V6 engine available also. It is now looking as though there isn’t going to be a V6 Challenger in 2008. The current prospect looks as though the stock engine for the Challenger will be the 5.7L Hemi. Then the SRT-8 version would have the 6.1L engine.

The Dodge Challenger concept made its debut at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, which was back in January of 2006, and has made several appearances at other car shows and meets.

Will they bring back the different versions like the R/T, SE, and T/A for the 2008 Dodge Challenger? They will almost for surely bring back the R/T and SE versions. For the T/A version, we don’t know yet, but the Charger had the Daytona edition so along the same lines they could bring it back. They will also likely have the SRT version available too.

Dodge Challenger Concept Specifications

Length: 197.8? (5025 mm)
Wheelbase: 116.0? (2945mm)
Front Overhang: 38.9? (989mm)
Width: 78.6? (1997mm)
Height: 57.0? (1449mm)
Track, Frt/Rr: 64.0?/65.1?
Couple: 31.5? (800mm)

Exterior: Challenger Orange
Interior: Black

Key Performance Attributes
0-60 mph: 4.5 seconds
60-0 ft: 133 ft.
Standing 1/4 mile: 13 seconds
Top Speed: 174mph
Range: 300 miles

Powertrain and Suspension:
Engine: 6.1L Hemi (425hp@6000rpm/420ft.-lbs@4800rpm)
Drivetrain: RWD/ 6-speed-manual
Suspension: Short/long-arm Independent
Front Tire Size: P255/40R20
Wheel Size: 20?X 9?
Outer Diameter: 29.76? (777mm)
Rear Tire Size: P265/45R21
Wheel Size: 21?X 10?
Outer Diameter: 29.76? (756mm)